National Day of Listening

Oxford University Press

In 2008, StoryCorps created National Day of Listening for citizens of all beliefs and backgrounds to record, preserve, and share the stories of their lives. This year, we invite you to celebrate by listening to our podcast, The Oxford Comment. During 2018, we’ve tackled issues from freedom of the press, to the rise of narrative non-fiction, consent on college campuses, and the global plastic problem.

ILA Webinar Series Listening

Beyond Boundaries: Bridging Demographic Differences through Listening.

Presented by Communication Coach, the Founder and Managing Director of Red Shoe Communications, Kathy O’Brien, this ILA webinar will focus on how to overcome the “listening filters” which we apply based on our own experiences. Learn how to break out of ‘habitual listening’. Register at for this FREE ILA webinar, broadcast live from Singapore